About the tutor

   Welcome to the Hitchin Maths Tutor website.     

My name is Toan Vuong and I am a fully qualified secondary maths teacher.  Previously working from Hitchin I have now moved to Great Ashby in Stevenage.

My main focus as a tutor is normally to prepare students for maths exams thus ensuring their potential is fulfilled. These include Key Stage 2 SATs, GCSE, functional skills, A level, Adult Numeracy and the teaching numeracy skills test.

My first priority as a tutor is to listen to student's concerns and help build up confidence in these areas. We also assess students strengths and weaknesses to produce an individualised structured program of tutorials.

A variety of resources are used including exam papers, card sorts, mini white boards, games, books, worksheets and ICT.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield University and worked in industry for 6 years in my chosen profession.  I completed my Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Secondary Maths at Warwick University in 2005 and now possess full teacher status. I have been educated entirely in England so I am very familiar with the culture in the UK, the requirements of British schools and the national curriculum.

Please feel free to contact the tutor via phone or email to discuss strategies and to outline a proposed tutor program.